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Infiltrant storage tank

For the preparation, mixing, recycling and storage of the sizing agent.

Storage tank type:

  1. Premixed tanks: The various small materials of the sizing agent are dispersed, diluted, etc. in the premixed tanks.

  2. Formulation tanks: The components of the sizing agent are prepared into the formulation tanks according to the preparation process.

  3. Storage tanks: After preparation, the sizing agent flows into the storage  tanks for use.

  4. Circulating tanks: The sizing agent in the circulating kettle is pumped to the oil applicator, and the excess sizing agent of the oil applicator is returned to the circulating tanks. When the level of the sizing agent in the circulation tank is lower than the control value, the valve of the storage tank is opened, and the sizing agent flows into the circulation tank.

Skills requirement:

  1. The tanks are all made of stainless steel and the bottom is spherical.

  2. Equipped with a stirrer, using variable frequency stepless speed regulation, the speed is 50-300r/min.

  3. The blade is screw-driven to make the sizing agent roll up and down evenly. When the sizing agent is deep, two layers of blades should be installed.

  4. Some sizing tanks are equipped with jackets for easy steaming or chilled water.

  5. Circulating tanks, tanks are arranged, and tanks should be marked with capacity scale lines. It is convenient to control the amount of water added and to calculate the storage capacity of the sizing agent.