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KYX smokehouse do not only have the general function of cooking, drying, smoking and baking, but also have the optional function of cold smoking, roasting, showering and cooling. It is widely used to process sausage, ham, pork, beef, mutton, poultry and aquatic products.

Technical expertise:

●  The unique airflow technology can guarantee the consistency of airflow condition at different places in the chamber to ensure the products be processed under controllable and uniform status.

●  Based on programmable technology,which is based on PC technology, can provide convenient supervision to total production process together with touchable screen interface. Users can set particular processing program and adjust production process flexibly.

●  We supply many kinds of smoke generator which is controlled by smokehouse system: External woodchip-smoldered smoke generator, Internal woodchip-fired smoke generator, Sawdust smoke generator, Liquid smoke atomizer

●  We supply many kinds of heating ways: Steam heated, Electric heated, Gas heated, Oil heated

●  High performance clean system, the clean program can be set in the main control system.

●  Modularized chamber construction is easy to transport and install. Single row or Double rows; one door or tow doors, and optional mutual interlocking gear for cooked/uncooked areas.

●  Solid full welded structure by high quality stainless steel, Reliable door sealing structure and insulation wall, Easy to load and transport for the trolleys.

●  Equip world-famous electrical components.