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KJF-I Automatic sauce machine


Features and main technical parameters:

The automatic sauce machine is made of all stainless steel, with simple structure and convenient maintenance. The up and down movement of the basket is driven by the worm gear, its self-locking guarantees the safety of use and is equipped with a brake motor. The cantilever rotation is driven by a two-stage cycloidal speed reducer, equipped with a brake motor to make the movement stop position accurate and reduce the deviation. The basket rotation motor is driven by a belt, and the motor is controlled by the frequency converter and can be adjusted. The control system of the machine is mainly composed of man-machine interface and programmable logic controller (PLC). By setting the working parameters of the machine on the man-machine interface, and then issuing instructions from the PLC, the work is simple and easy. All electrical appliances adopt internationally renowned brands, and pneumatic components use Japanese SMC or German FESTO to ensure their reliability. 

悬臂摆动电机功率 (Kw)0.18
网篮转动电机功率 (Kw)0.55